Course Catalogue

Although the following is a list of courses currently available, if you are looking to have a specific course taught, please let me know and a customized course can be created.

Note:  Where I have the skillset, I teach the class.  When I do not, I bring in a professional who teaches the classes.

Introduction Video 

Estate Planning Series


There are 2 versions of this course available

a face to face course offered by various municiaplities or local organizations (like your library)

or an online course

  • 8 hour (4 – 2 hour session) face to face (check with me to see what municipality or organization is offering the course)
  • 8 week on-line series.  This gives you a workbook to complete each week
  • Cemetery and funeral planning information
  • Being named an Executor in a will (Are you named as an executor or do you want to know what your executor has to do? Then this class is for you).
  • You have received an inheritance, what it the best thing to do with it?

Living Healthy/Travel Series


  • How to find information on the Northern Ontario Health network
  • Healthy eating on a fixed income
  • Stay on your feet
  • Cooking for one
  • Staying Safe in your own home
  • It’s not right – Elder Abuse
  • Downsizing and Decluttering
  • Preparing to Move to a smaller place
  • Staying social – it is important*
  • Engaging with your skillsets to keep you busy and teaching others*
  • Senior Travel. With the onset of COVID-19 Have you ever thought about seeing the world without leaving home?  Sit back and enjoy the world with Viking TV (just click on the words Viking TV to begin)
  • Mental Health Discussion. 
  • Medicinal Cannabis – it’s not the same as the recreational kind
  • Women and Credit – the importance of having your own credit and improving your credit score
  • Firearms – did you know you need a PAL if you have them in your home even if you don’t use them?
  • Understanding all of your insurance – be “assured” you are “insured” correctly

    Getting Connected Social Series


    • How to use your cell phone
    • How to use you tablet/ipad
    • How to use to Internet in general
    • All about Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
    • Frauds and scams – what to be aware of
    • Internet Security – understanding security settings and other information
    • Internet – browsing search engines like google and finding what you are after
    • Internet – how to clear your search history

    Computer Series


    • How to use your laptop
    • Organizing your information
    • Backing up your data
    • Managing email
    • How to use Microsoft Word
    • How to use Microsoft Excel
    • How to use Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Learning how to log off properly and clearing your browsing history

      Pictures, Pictures, Pictures


      • Getting all those pictures off your phone or tablet and put elsewhere
      • Getting your pictures organized
      • Getting your pictures printed
      • Getting your pictures from email, facebook and other websites (Like ancestry)

          Women in Business Series


          • Setting up your quickbooks
          • Microsoft Excel – basic to advanced
          • Microsoft Word – basic to advanced
          • To schedule a session, contact Barbara at

          Money Management Series


          • Income and benefits from government programs
          • 30 day – Budget in a Baggie* (On-line. Now Available)
          • Internet Banking – do not be afraid, it’s great!
          • Managing and protecting your assets
          • Planning for possible loss of independence
          • Planning for your future housing needs
          • Live long and prosper, do not outlive your money
          • Financial abuse and steps you can put in place to avoid it