Course Catalogue

Although the following is a list of courses currently available, if you are looking to have a specific course taught, please let me know and a customized course can be created.

Note:  Where I have the skillset, I teach the class.  When I do not, I bring in a professional who teaches the classes.

Introduction Video 

Getting Connected Social Series


  • How to use your cell phone
  • How to use you tablet/ipad
  • How to use to Internet in general
  • All about Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Frauds and scams – what to be aware of
  • Internet Security – understanding security settings and other information
  • Internet – browsing search engines like google and finding what you are after
  • Internet – how to clear your search history

Money Management Series


  • Income and benefits from government programs
  • 30 day – Budget in a Baggie*
  • Internet Banking – do not be afraid, it’s great!
  • Managing and protecting your assets
  • Planning for possible loss of independence
  • Planning for your future housing needs
  • Live long and prosper, do not outlive your money
  • Financial abuse and steps you can put in place to avoid it

Living Healthy Series


  • How to find information on the Northern Ontario Health network
  • Healthy eating on a fixed income
  • Stay on your feet
  • Cooking for one
  • Staying Safe in your own home
  • It’s not right – Elder Abuse
  • Downsizing and Decluttering
  • Preparing to Move to a smaller place
  • Staying social – it is important*
  • Engaging with your skillsets to keep you busy and teaching others*

*With the onset of COVID-19 the above two courses are being offered online. It is important that people stay engaged and social, even when you must do it from home. This new class, offered via ZOOM technology, will teach you how to stay engaged (by visually seeing people over the internet) and learn some things you can do (like games you can play)

  • Senior Travel. With the onset of COVID-19 Have you ever thought about seeing the world without leaving home?
  • Mental Health Discussion. During COVID-19 these can be done online via ZOOM
  • Medicinal Cannabis – it’s not the same as the recreational kind
  • Women and Credit – the importance of having your own credit and improving your credit score
  • Firearms – did you know you need a PAL if you have them in your home even if you don’t use them?
  • Understanding all of your insurance – be “assured” you are “insured” correctly

Estate Planning Series


This is a 3 part series and you must attend all 3


  • Estate Planning – Part 1 – The big book – getting your information in order
  • Estate Planning – Part 2 – Understanding what you have and the importance/issues with Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Planning – Part 3 – Creating you will
  • Cemetery and funeral planning information
  • Being named an Executor in a will (Are you named as an executor or do you want to know what your executor has to do? Then this class is for you).
  • You have received an inheritance, what it the best thing to do with it?

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures


  • Getting all those pictures off your phone or tablet and put elsewhere
  • Getting your pictures organized
  • Getting your pictures printed
  • Getting your pictures from email, facebook and other websites (Like ancestry)

Computer Series


  • How to use your laptop
  • Organizing your information
  • Backing up your data
  • Managing email
  • How to use Microsoft Word
  • How to use Microsoft Excel
  • How to use Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Learning how to log off properly and clearing your browsing history